The Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Modern Garage Series

Modern Garages

The Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Modern Garage Series was designed as an economical detached structure strong enough to protect a homeowner's automobile and belongings. These one, two and three car garage packages are a beautiful solution for those in need of extra storage, car space, or a spacious workshop. Modern Garage Series offers an integrated rafter system with powerful intuitive software and strong flexible profiles, and a pre-engineered framing system that cuts the fabrication process down to one fully integrated step. Each model offers a variety of layouts to meet a wide range of needs and budgets with Economy, Standard and Premium packages.

The Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Modern Garage Series of products combine state-of-the-art design, engineering and layout software with rock-solid profiles.

The Aladdin Company Readi-Cut has performed all the extensive engineering required to exceed code requirements. With the extra wind load requirements of some areas in the Gulf Coast region these Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Modern Garage Series models come standard with 110 mph wind loads.

The Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Kit Garage.  We build custom garage kits – from portable garage, 2 car garage & 3 car garage, car port kit, workshops, horse barns, and commercial buildings; we build garages of all sizes and for all types of uses. The Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Garage Kits are available with or without wall sheathing and or roof cladding.  You may choose to purchase the framing structure only and sheath with locally available materials and or choose the complete package with your choice of color siding and roofing materials such as metal roofing and siding panelsThe Aladdin Company helped to propagate preferences across the U.S. and Canada for common architectural styles such as the CraftsmanBungalowFour-Square and Cape Cod homes.  New factory locations in USA & Canada offer pole barns, post frame buildings, garages, workshops, horse barns, and commercial buildings.   


Choose from four categories of garages

Modern Garages

Classic Garages

Gulf Coast Garages

Boat Houses 



No matter the size, big or small, The Aladdin Company can custom design your building with a level of quality and attention to detail that you will be very happy with now and many years into the future.The Aladdin Company specializes in custom garage construction and we take pride in the values that our company was founded upon, continuing to provide the same quality, integrity and construction excellence that we demand of ourselves. You can rest assured that you will be completely satisfied with our services.

Peak heights on a 4/12 pitch are typically 4' higher than wall height for every 24' span or fraction thereof. For example a 24' wide (span) garage with a 10' wall height has a 14' roof peak - a 40' wide (span) garage with a 10' wall height has a 16.5' roof peak. Custom roof pitch options available- charges will apply.

Choose from our selection below, or send us a sketch of your custom building. The interior layout and the location of windows and doors, can be adjusted during design, as long as within code and standard limits. If you choose siding, roofing and trim package, it is galvanized steel, color choices are available at additional cost and can be finalized during design phase.

If you are looking for a specific size or design not listed below, Please contact our sales department to request a custom quote. 

The Aladdin Company was the first manufacturer to use the Readi-Cut system of construction. Founded in 1906 by brothers William and Otto Sovereign, The Aladdin Company has created many innovative and processes in the American home building market. We are proud of our rich heritage and legacy. Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Prefab Home Kits are back & available in partnership with Green Terra Homes International & iFundCapital

Choose from our existing plans which can be scaled up or down as needed or let us custom design an Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Kit Garage.  We build custom garage kits – from portable garage, 2 car garage & 3 car garage, car port kit, workshops, horse barns, and commercial buildings; we build garages of all sizes and for all types of uses.. Interior layouts of existing plans can be adjusted to suit your needs as long as it is within the code requirements. Units are designed to meet local code requirements of your jurisdiction. The Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Kit Garages are designed to be placed into post saddles provided with the order. All Aladdin Company Readi-Cut Kit Garage are designed for your specific lot, municipality, wind and snow loads. Pole Barns are Readi-Cut in factory and ready to ship with your choice of finishes, and upgrades. We may also be able to assist in coordinating third party site work. Let us guide you through the process. We can assist with as much or as little as needed.

Over its more than seventy years in business, Aladdin sold more than 75,000 homes & structures. Customers included individuals and corporate clients in both domestic and international markets. Whole neighborhoods and even a town — Hopewell, Virginia — were developed for company employees. In a fold-out flyer sent with the 1925 catalog, the company listed by name and city more than 1000 builders of Aladdin homes as well as government and corporate customers including the State of Michigan, the president of Liberia, Dow Chemical Co., Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. and Standard Oil.

Advertised as "Readi-cut"? and "Built in a Day"? Aladdin and other kit home manufacturers revolutionized home buying and building for the middle class. From tiny workingman's cottages to the thrifty investor, Aladdin homes provided a solid value and easy construction.

Unlike many of the other companies, including Montgomery Ward, the history of Aladdin is readily available through its catalogs and corporate records at Clarke Historical Library in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

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