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Why choose Aladdin Readi-Cut Homes?

The Aladdin Advantage


Aladdin Readi-Cut™ houses - the Aladdin system of construction - may be new to you, but the system was planned and put into operation over one hundred years ago. It’s merits and wonderful simplicity, were immediately recognized by the American public. Our company invented the process which changed the way homes were built.

Sold By the Golden Rule™

Over one hundred years ago, square dealing with our customers earned us the expression, “I know that you do business very much on the Golden Rule basis.” Our predecessors adopted the expression and we use it today as our slogan. This reminds us of the tremendous heritage and reputation we have inherited and prompts us to continue to do business in the same fashion.


Our homes are built in a climate controlled building. This is advantageous to our customer in several ways:
  • Our Readi-Cut™ houses are manufacturing in a climate controlled building. This enables employees to perform their craft in relative comfort which translates to a higher quality house.
  • Job site waste is reduced to practically nothing. This means that your job site will be less cluttered in debris and make a much safer workplace.
  • The environment surrounding the home site is impacted less due to the fact that there is less traffic fewer heavy delivery trucks. The high traffic of most construction sites can cause erosion to the soil and negatively impact the native landscape.
  • Your walls plumb, square and straight because they were built in a factory environment utilizing state of the art machinery. Precision cuts and close nailing patterns make the difference in Aladdin homes.
  • The time savings is a tremendous value in the construction of your new home. While the framing is being assembled in the factory, your foundation can simultaneously be prepared for the delivery date.
Read here how Aladdin Company help to frame the American Dream. See how your home can also have the Aladdin Advantage!
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