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CSA Certificate Comparison

Difference between CSA A277 Modular Home and Z240MH Manufactured Home – VS Z240RV -VS- Z241 Park Models


All our homes and structures are first and foremost CWB CSA A660 Certified as we are Canada’s first and only Steel Modular, Mobile, Tiny Home Factory

A CSA Z240MH Manufactured Home and a CSA A277 Modular Home are the same specifications in most every aspect.

A CSA A277 Modular Home is in 2 or more modules/sections and has no axles, thus all modules are placed onto trailers for transportation to site and will have to be craned onto the foundation.

A CSA Z240MH Manufactured Home is a SINGLE module that may have a removable chassis and tongue, thus being able to be shipped to a site without needing a separate trailer. Manufactured homes (Z240MH) may be combined to what is commonly referred to as a double wide. Thus two 16’x52′ units may, for example, be side by side and form a 32’x52’ home or any combination therein.

Z241 Park Model Homes are Seasonal homes and R Value per standard is
R8 Walls
R12 Floor
R12 Roof

And they cannot be larger than 50 sq Meters (550 sq ft)

Z240RV Recreational Mobile Homes are recreational in nature, towed by another vehicle, are limited in size, and have


However, our Z240RV Homes are built to the same standard as our Z241 Park Model Homes, and are insulated and structurally reviewed in the same process.

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