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Framing Kit Inclusions

DIY Steel Framing Kit Inclusions

Network of local trades for on-site work such as foundation, installation may be available check with your account representative (charges apply).

FREE Shipping may be available

Metal buildings have options for roofing, siding, trim, doors, windows. Designed to be sheathed with your choice of steel, wood, shingles, or any other choice you desire.


Prefab engineered steel building kits include:

  • Architectural, structural and foundation plans
    (optional stamped version for your jurisdiction available, charges apply)
  • Overhead door, man door, and window openings Framing package for your own windows and doors - Windows & doors not included, available for purchase
  • Complete structure including Post & Beam Framing
  • Foundation Post saddles for install when you pour your concrete footings
  • Rafters and or Trusses (as applicable)
  • Wall Girts
  • Roof, eve purlins
  • Kelly screws, strapping, brackets, post saddles
  • Instruction Guide
Available additional options (charges apply):
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Walk-in doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Windows
  • OSB or plywood sheathing



Framing kits for SHEDS 

Inclusions resemble steel buildings, however they do not include stamped engineered drawings as they are considered portable temp structures.



DIY HOME Framing Kits include the following:

  1. Complete Architectural and Structural Drawings stamped by Licensed Engineer with structural certification of the drawings and design
  2. Assembly drawings for the assembly of wall panels and trusses
  3. Galvanized Steel Stud wall framing for all interior and exterior walls as shown on plans including:
    • Door jambs and headers.
    • Window jambs, headers, and sills.
    • Diagonal bracing (if required) is part-marked, pre-cut for required wall sections
    • An assembly diagram for each wall section identifying the location of each part-marked component in the section assembly.
    • All self-drilling screws, and angle clips required for assembly of the building frame.
  4. Galvanized Steel Stud Roof framing (if used and included in sales order)
    • Steel Roof Truss or rafter System ready for assembly as one or more sections ready for final assembly onsite by client.
    • Blocking is part-marked, and pre-cut for easy assembly between rafters onsite by client
    • An assembly diagram for each roof section identifying the location of each part-marked component in the section assembly.
    • All self-drilling screws, and angle clips required for assembly of the building frame.
Optional materials you can order (charges apply)
    • OSB/Plywood or other sheathing
    • Metal Roofing or shingles
    • Siding - Vinyl, Steel, Wood, etc
    • Steel Floor Joists

    What do you provide?

    1. Land
    2. Permits
    3. Site grading and excavation.
    4. Foundation or floor engineering and installation.
    5. Services and hook up such as septic/sewer, water, electrical, gas.
    6. Mechanical & Plumbing.
    7. Doors and windows.
    8. All exterior sheeting and finishing materials
    9. All interior sheeting and finishing materials
    10. Though these are sold as DIY (Do It Yourself) kits, you will most likely will be required to use licensed trades in your municipality for  excavation, engineering, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and septic/sewer connections. Check with your local building/permitting department before purchasing any plans and or kits.

    Shipping of Framing Kits is FREE within Continental United states and all ten Canadian Provinces, if the delivery location is within 25 mi (40 km) of a Home Depot Building Center (this is for standard sizes, custom designs may incur fees). However, offloading is not included as part of shipping.

    Also note that any other items and or services not listed in INCLUSIONS or Paid for as an option, are not part of any sale.

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