Technical Information – The Aladdin Company

Technical Information

We are certified / licensed by:

    • CWB CSA A660 – Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)
    • QAI Laboratories CSA Class 8131 01 – Factory constructed buildings and structures Modular / Panel System
    • QAI Laboratories CSA – A277 Program – Certification of Modular construction (Factory constructed homes off chassis consisting of one or more modules)
    • QAI Laboratories CSA Z-240-09 Manufactured Homes (Single module homes constructed on chassis with removable axel & tongue, constructed as a single unit)
    • QAI Laboratories CSA Z-241-03 Park Model / Tiny Homes (Seasonal homes up to 50 sq. meters in a single module)
    • QAI Laboratories CSA Z-240-RV-08 Trailer Homes (Recreational Vehicle)
    • Department of Transportation (USA & Canada) for the production of road approved trailers
    • Authorized for the Issuance of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for our RV series of homes
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