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Who Are We?

It’s better to build with Green Terra Homes

The benefits of building with Green Terra Homes (GTH) abound. Our mission is to make it easier for families to build the home of their dreams—from how GTH homes are built, to the materials used in construction to the support team at your side—we have converted the home building process to make it more convenient, simple and fun. 
Homes comply with National Electrical, Plumbing and Building Codes:
    • CSA CWB A660 - Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)
    • QAI Laboratories, CSA Class 8131 01 – Factory constructed buildings and structures Modular / Panelized
    • QAI Laboratories CSA – A277 Program – Certification of Modular construction (Factory constructed homes off chassis consisting of one or more modules)
    • QAI Laboratories CSA Z-240-09 Manufactured Homes (Single module homes constructed on chassis with removable axel & tongue, constructed as a single unit)
    • QAI Laboratories CSA Z-241-03 Park Model / Tiny Homes (Seasonal homes up to 50 sq. meters in a single module)
    • QAI Laboratories CSA Z-240-RV-08 Trailer Homes (Recreational Vehicle)
We are members of, certified by, and or licensed by:
    • Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute - Modular, Prefabricated - CMHI - http://www.cmhi.ca
    • Canada Green Building Council - CaGBC - http://www.cagbc.org
    • Department of Transportation (USA & Canada) for the production of road approved trailers
    • Authorized for the Issuance of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for our RV series of homes 
The benefits of building with Green Terra Homes (GTH) abound. We are a Custom Home manufacturer of steel frame homes for assembly onsite as well as steel frame factory built modular homes and structures.  We are Canada’s first and only CWB CSA A-660 standards certified steel frame modular home factory.  Our mission is to make it easier for families to build the home of their dreams—from how GTH homes are built, to the materials used in construction to the support team at your side.  We have converted the home building process to make it more convenient, simple and fun.  For Modular, Manufactured, Park Model, Tiny, Mobile, and RV homes, Green Terra Homes ships a complete, finished home that is built in our climate-controlled factory. This includes electrical, plumbing and ventilation work, insulation, drywall, installation of doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, furnace, and heat recovery ventilator (where applicable). All appliances and furniture that may have been purchased as optional cost items will also be installed in the factory prior to shipment. How much is left to do on-site depends in part on your home’s design and choice of finishes. For example, brick or stone cladding, vinyl siding, or stucco, hardwood flooring, tile, custom kitchens and counter tops have to be completed after delivery by yourself or your construction crew.
Established June 2012, Green Terra Homes (GTH) is the first and only CWB CSA certified steel frame home factory in Canada. GTH is also one of the few facilities in Canada with multiple CSA Certifications for the production of RV Homes, Mobile Homes, Modular Homes, Park Model Homes and prefabricated kit homes.  GTH is uniquely positioned to achieve substantial sustained growth over the next 5-10 years.  
Our team of engineers, designers, architects, developers and tradespeople have 30 years experience in our industry. With five years of startup behind us, a portfolio of homes and properties, led by a team of serial entrepreneurial marketing geniuses who have successfully established, grown and capitalized on three other ventures in the last 20 years, we continue to experience steady consistent growth with our clear product strategy.  
Wood frames are outdated. It takes forty trees to build a wood frame, and the lumber has to be processed and chemically treated. By comparison, steel is one of the most recyclable products in the world. You can also add solar panels and green roofs to your modular home.  Steel is a lighter, stronger, and straighter material than wood, thereby making is easier to lift and move around without the use of a crane to construct the frame. You can erect the frame yourself or hire an experienced general contractor or framer to provide this service.  
Lightweight steel is 100% recyclable and the most recycled product in the world. Steel frame homes are unaffected by humidity or temperature changes which make them energy-efficient. This results in money saved on fuel costs. Lower energy consumption helps the initiative to further conserve our natural resources. It takes six recycled cars to build one steel frame home vs. 40-to-50 trees to build a timber home.   A steel frame home is the optimum choice for you and your family’s health and safety. Contrary to wood, steel does not absorb moisture so it will not rot or grow mold.
The Healthy House Institute recommends steel framing for chemically-sensitive and environmentally-conscious homeowners who are seeking the best possible indoor air quality.   Additionally, steel is non-combustible and therefore a lower fire risk. A wood home burns very fast as the wood fuels the fire. Steel does not contribute fuel to a fire. When exposed to extremely high heat, steel may deform but it will not burn.  
Key features include:  
  • Creating value
  • Affordability
  • Design
  • Rapid construction
  • Cost savings
  • Sustainability
  • Made of Steel
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Built to Last
  • Does Not Contribute to Landfill
  • Redefining Prefabricated Homes
    The modern layouts of modular steel homes offer more open living plans. This gives your family a more liveable space, without needing to build a monster-sized home. That way, your family can enjoy spacious living while leaving a smaller footprint.  
      • An average sized wood framed home requires at least 40 trees to be cut for framing, while the framing for a typical steel-framed home can be made from six recycled cars.
      • Steel is not only the world’s most versatile material to recycle, it is also the most highly recycled material nearly 68.7 percent of all steel scrap in North America is recycled.
      • Steel is highly durable and noncombustible and will not contribute fuel to a fire. In addition, its galvanized zinc coating (a natural element) prevents corrosion, steel structure can last hundreds of years.
      • About 60 percent of the average landfill consist of construction debris. However, because steel studs are straight and true, there is only a minimal amount of job-site scrap, which is also always recyclable.
      • Offering a home that is not only affordable, but also offers a healthier indoor environment and a lower environmental impact when compared to traditional prefabricated homes.
    We reduce natural resource use and construction waste. Increase energy & water efficiency, & improve indoor air quality. As compared to a site-built home, our homes exhibit a lower environmental impact in both the production phase (through factory efficiencies), as well as the use phase (through operating efficiencies). We recognize that different customers have varying desires and value customizability; hence, we offer a spectrum of “shades of green” home options.   Other companies offer a similar product (quite successfully), but there are none in the region that manufacture from start to finish all structural components including but not limited to joists, trusses, wall frames, steel roofing and siding. The business model is highly scalable because more production lines can be added to produce more homes as the business grows. The model is replicable, but the building industry is traditionally slow to change.  
    We offer a solution to the home buyer looking for a beautiful home that also reflects their desire to lessen their environmental impact and protect their health without having to go beyond their financial means.   Prefabricated and Modular construction will lower production costs and green design will lower life cycle operating costs. The result is a quality product that is available at a reasonable price to a large market. Our contemporary, environmentally conscious and progressive designs , encompass beauty, functionality and efficiency   Modularly manufactured homes take about a week to build in a factory. Even considering on-site work such as placement of the modules, landscaping, and foundation, modular homes can be totally completed in a matter of 2-3 months.   Modular construction reduces the upfront cost of our homes by about 15% due to the economies of scale, and lower costs associated with labor, materials and waste disposal. In addition, the orientation, tight building envelope and green features translate into savings on utility bills.  
    Our homes are designed to meet the standards of third-party certification programs such as CSA, LEED for Homes, U.S. EPA Energy Star, and other standards. By building in a factory, Green Terra Homes completely avoids weather issues, preventing potential health and structural problems that are caused by water infiltration during construction. Modular homes also have a tighter building envelope due to mass- scale replication and the anticipation of the rigors of transportation, resulting in higher performing, energy-efficient buildings. Additionally, the modular construction process is less resource intensive. Material and product choice can have a major impact on the environment and the health of the occupants. We will offer Green Terra Homes in different “shades of green” which will represent a different compilation of green features at different prices.
    Homes & structures manufactured include:
      • Steel Homes
      • Modular Homes
      • Mobile Homes
      • Steel Cabins & Cottages
      • Steel Sheds, Barns, Stables
      • Steel Utility & Commercial Buildings
    Construction components manufactured include:
      • Steel Track & Studs
      • Steel Trusses & Joists
      • Steel Roof Panels & Siding
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